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Juvenile Resentencing

Did you know you are entitled to the appointment of a mitigation specialist not only in homicide cases, but juvenile life without parole re-sentencings, Hurst re-sentencings, and any other complex cases where there are grave sentencing consequences to your client?

Each of us is more than the worst thing we have ever done. Your juvenile life without parole client is no exception to this rule of humanity. Mitigation is “the empathy-evoking evidence that attempts to humanize the accused killer in death penalty cases.” Mitigation is however not limited to capital cases and is frequently utilized with favorable results.

S. Nicole Jamieson is an approved JAC vendor authorized to provide mitigation services in the State of Florida and beyond. As a licensed attorney with a background in capital litigation, I have the unique perspective of what matters to judges, juries, and prosecutors. I have to ability to provide a comprehensive and self-motivated background investigation into your client, client’s family members, social history, supporting records, and mental health mitigation. I also know what it is like to be under the pressure of a “this is your only shot” court date and can work with little supervision or prodding to produce the work product you need.

Call today for a consultation about how I can best assist with the mitigation needs in your case.

Click here for JAC information on how to get a mitigation specialist appointed in your case.

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Fearless and Dedicated Defense for the Accused