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Attorney Nicole Jamieson Represented a Local Fernandina Beach Restaurant Owner Pro Bono to Protect Her Rights to Provide Live Music to the Community

She was being unfairly harassed through the enforcement of an unconstitutionally vague city noise ordinance. S. Nicole Jamieson won a dismissal of her citation.

Providing Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation Often Involves Checking the Absolute Power of the Government to Deprive Citizens of Their Liberty

While many law enforcement officers are dedicated and conscientious, we often see unfortunate abuses of power. When law enforcement abuses their power, innocent citizens suffer wrongful incarceration, prosecution, and even conviction. S. Nicole Jamieson fights against police officer misconduct. She saw problems with this officer’s behavior early in his career with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. Her complaints were initially ignored, but she did not give up until he was removed from office and ultimately criminally prosecuted for his behavior.

The Representation of Juvenile Offenders

Facing serious consequences is one of the most difficult roles of a defense attorney. The BBC featured one of S. Nicole Jamieson’s Jacksonville juvenile homicide cases in a documentary, “American Justice: The Reckoning.”

Fearless and Dedicated Defense for the Accused