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Police officer pulled over driver for traffic violation

Traffic Court in the Jacksonville, Nassau, or Clay Area

The Florida DMV considers driving to be a privilege. Getting a traffic ticket can have serious consequences upon that privilege. Traffic tickets can send car insurance costs skyrocketing, get your license suspended, or subject you to heavy fines. And if you simply pay the ticket, you are admitting guilt and the charge sticks to your driving record. Hiring the right attorney can significantly reduce the penalties for a traffic ticket. Call our firm today for a free consultation.

If you have a CDL and receive a traffic ticket, your livelihood can be jeopardized. We are experienced in handling tickets for those with a CDL to protect.

Traffic violations are scored on a point system. Speeding tickets carry a variety of points. Reckless driving is 4 points. Leaving the scene of an accident is 6 points. As the points build, they can add up to big trouble:

  • 12 points in a year: 30-day license suspension
  • 18 points in 18 months: 3-month suspension
  • 24 points in three years: 1-year suspension

Whether you are facing a license suspension or your first ticket after a life of spotless driving, our attorney can work for you. Call the Law Office of S. Nicole Jamieson today for your free consultation.

Fearless and Dedicated Defense for the Accused