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Violation of Probation in the Jacksonville, Nassau, or Clay Area Is a Serious Crime

Violation of probation (VOP) in Florida is a very serious offense. One can receive jail or prison time even for violation of a “technical” condition of probation. Some examples of “technical” violations of probation include dirty urine, moving without permission, or even missing appointments with one’s probation officer. Often, clients have trouble complying with conditions because of strained finances or lack of transportation. They then panic and disappear, which inevitably results in a violation and a warrant for their arrest. Don’t panic if you are facing difficulty complying with probation. This makes things far worse. If you fear an impending violation because of difficulty complying with a condition, you should CALL OUR FIRM right away. Often, we can do things to intervene BEFORE a violation even occurs.

man in handcuffs with concerned look on face

Contact Attorney S. Nicole Jamieson for a Full Consultation

If you are concerned about your probation status in any way, the best step you can take is to contact Attorney S. Nicole Jamieson for a full consultation. She has years of experience successfully representing clients in probation-related issues and is available 24 hours per day. Please be assured that our firm is willing to work with you in terms of putting together a manageable payment plan if finances are a concern.

Fearless and Dedicated Defense for the Accused